Sales and Marketing Services in Bath

The city of Bath is home to a dynamic and fast-growing economy that relies on sectors as diverse as education, technology, tourism, and the arts. All in all, the approximately 8,500 Bath-based companies generate more than 90,000 jobs locally, and the economy is set to expand substantially between 2015 and 2030. If you are a local business owner and are looking for ways of being part of Bath's success story, this guide will provide you with some useful suggestions on how to implement a solid sales and marketing strategy to ensure that your Bath-based businesses moves forward.

Sales and Marketing in Bath

The majority of Bath-based business are small companies who have between 1 and 10 employees. If yours is a bricks-and-mortar business, you will know the importance of making your business known in the local area. Here are some things you can do to that effect in addition to using traditional marketing techniques (flyers, coupons, print ads, etc.).

Event marketing is a useful marketing technique that can help local businesses promote their presence and connect with their target market in a more personal way. Bath-based companies have the opportunity of attending several promotional events without needing to travel far. For example, the Bath Business Expo is a one-day event that attracts more than 500 visitors every year. This is a great opportunity to market your business and connect with clients from all over the UK and to look for local connections too. A similar event is held in nearby Bristol (Bristol Business Expo).

Attending networking events is a great way of establishing links with other business owners and can turn into a very effective word-of-mouth marketing technique through the power of referral networks. The Bath Business Club organises weekly meetings to that effect. Other local organisations worth joining include the Bath Chamber of Commerce, Business West, and Networking Bath.

Digital Sales and Marketing

Using online or digital sales and marketing channels is a strategy that can benefit all companies regardless of their size or location. Online sales and marketing strategies can be less costly than their traditional counterparts, and they offer business owners more control in terms of measuring ROI. In 2015, the digital marketing firm Smart Insights published a piece of research where it listed the top marketing channels used by UK businesses. These were listed as follows:

However, relying on one strategy alone will rarely bring substantial results. A combination of two or more techniques can ensure that your local business has all its bases covered. Other useful ways of boosting sales and making your company known include being listed in local business directories. These include both traditional directories such as Yellow Pages, online channels such as Bizwiki and location specific directories such as Bath Business Web and Bath Chronicle.

Being listed in local directories is important due to the rise of hyperlocal marketing. Consumers are increasingly demanding the convenience of being able to find reputable businesses in their immediate vicinity, and therefore there has been an important surge in the number of "near me", "nearby" and "closest to me" searches. Business owners can take advantage of this trend by investing in hyperlocal advertising.

By adopting some of the strategies listed in this article, you can give more exposure to your Bath-based business and increase its chances of success.